Colonic Irrigation

What is colonic irrigation?

Colonic irrigation, also known as colon hydrotherapy, is a safe and painless procedure in which accumulated faecal matter is gently released from the colon by introducing warm filtered water. Special massage techniques help to soften the deposits and cleanse the colon.

A technique which has been employed for thousands of years, colonic irrigation is reported to have been used by the ancient Egyptians as an alternative to harsh purgatives or laxatives for colon cleansing, and today remains popular for those very same reasons.

Colonic irrigation gained popularity in Yorkshire during late Victorian times, and the "Harrogate System of Intestinal Lavage" became a common colon cleansing treatment on visits to the famous spa town.

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If you are interested in training to become a colon hydrotherapist, please visit our colon hydrotherapy training site.